Manufacturing Fine & Specialty Chemicals

Emerald produces and markets technologically advanced specialty chemicals
for a broad range of consumer and industrial applications.

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Make it Extraordinary with Emerald Performance Materials

Emerald Performance Materials provides advanced material solutions to make your products extraordinary—tougher, higher performing, longer lasting. Offering a wide range of consumer and industrial specialties, as well as applications support to help you get the most out of our chemistry, Emerald helps you to produce market-leading products.

Kalama Chemical

Emerald Kalama Chemical is focused on the current and future challenges of the industries we serve. As global leaders in key consumer and industrial specialties (including preservatives, flavors, aroma chemicals, plasticizers, antioxidants, and vulcanization accelerators), our mission is to hear the voice of the customer and drive innovative solutions that exceed their expectations.

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CVC Thermoset Specialties

Emerald’s CVC Thermoset Specialties business was acquired by Huntsman Advanced Materials in May 2020. Please contact Huntsman at or visit the site linked below for information about EPALLOY® or ERISYS® Epoxy Resins; HyPox® Elastomer Modified Epoxy Resins; Hypro® Reactive Liquid Polymers; OMICURE® Curing Agents, Accelerators And Catalysts; or Nychem® Specialty Nitrile Latex.

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