Business Code of Conduct

Achieving Business Objectives and Maintaining Fundamental Values
At Emerald Performance Materials, it is vitally important that the way we conduct our business activities and the manner in which we achieve our business objectives do not deviate from the principles of ethical conduct embodied in our fundamental values.


Our dealings with others inside and outside of Emerald Performance Materials are based upon mutual respect, open communications, and unquestioned integrity. Integrity as a basic way of dealing with others is a fundamental value to Emerald Performance Materials. At an absolute minimum, each of us must comply completely with all applicable laws and regulations in every country in which we operate. Beyond compliance with laws and regulations, we require honesty, cooperation, and openness in all of our professional relationships. Such behavior earns the trust and respect of our fellow employees, customers, suppliers, investors, and our neighbors within the communities where we live and work. Our goal is to do what we say we will do, to guard against over promising and under performing, and to quickly correct any shortcomings.


Emerald’s Policy covers the following areas related to the integrity of our business activities:


• Conflict of Interest
• Ethics
• Compliance with Antitrust Laws
• Anti-Bribery and Anti-Corruption


In addition, Emerald also has policies in place for:


Corporate Social Responsibility
Code of Business Conduct for Suppliers


No policy can spell out the appropriate moral and ethical behavior for every situation with which we will be confronted. Conduct must always be based on sound judgment, the use of expert counsel, and, most importantly, our own conscience.


The Emerald Ethics Hotline can be used by anyone to confidentially report information concerning illegal or unethical conduct or business abuse:


• Website:

• Toll-Free Telephone:

English speaking USA and Canada: 844-599-0008
Spanish speaking USA and Canada: 800-216-1288
Hong Kong: 800-96-1111

Phone: 1(856) 533-3000, 360-954-7100

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